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FAQs are specific to the Cashbasic website and company. If you have questions on general financial topics or terms, check out the Money Dictionary.

What is Cashbasic?

What can Cashbasic do for me?

What is Cashbasic's philosophy?

What is a Cashbasic Guide?

What is a Cashbasic Path?

How can I sign up for Cashbasic's mailing list? How can I discontinue receiving emails?

I completed a Guide, and no longer have access to make updates. Why?

I want to get a feel for working with Cashbasic before moving forward. Are there any Guides or tools that I can try which don't cost money?

I've completed a Guide, but now where I can see the results?

What's Stripe? What is Plaid?

How do I upgrade to Cashbasic Live?

How do I downgrade or cancel my membership?

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