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Personal finance ... what's the first thing that you think of? Complexity? Anxiety? Razor-thin budgets and barely skimming above a terrifying debt spiral? Or maybe you just avoid thinking of your finances altogether.

But in real life, personal finance matters. And Cashbasic is real-world personal finance for working class people. We give you the financial tools and expertise you need to piece together - and master - your money life, in simple but powerful packages.


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Sorting out your finances can seem impossible. Like a tangled web of complexity that paralyzes you before you can even work up the confidence to dive in.

It's hard to figure out where to even start...

But there's hope. As you figure out where each piece fits and works in the whole, even the most complex picture begins to come together. The hardest part is taking the first step.

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First, are you looking for someone to invest your money for you, and charge a commission or fee for the service?

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Great news, because Cashbasic doesn't invest money, and doesn't charge a fee on your account for it. So far, so good.


Are you willing to put in a little time and effort to understand money basics and take control of those yourself? Instead of paying someone else to do 100% the work for you?

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That's not really how Cashbasic works, or how most services work unless you have a lot of money to invest and can have your other finances handled as part of that management. If you are still interested in learning more, hit Back.


Which - if any - of the below describes what you're looking for?

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Imagine being totally lost. Think of the anxiety, fear, and uncertainty creeping in as your confidence tiptoes away. Oh God, what do I do?

But once you settle down and compose yourself, what's the first thing that you do? Roll a dice and start trying things at random, hoping they work? No, you start taking a few first steps and looking around to get your bearings. Before you even think about trying to get anywhere, you need to figure out where you're at.

It's the exact same with personal finance. When you're effectively lost and just starting out, the first step is working out where you're at. You do this by taking a detailed inventory of your money life - specifically, cataloging what you own and what you owe.

Personal Finance Snapshot

Learn where you stand with your money today (your "net worth"), in a few simple steps. For convenience, link up and get balances straight from your eligible bank and other accounts.

Ever heard of the saying rat race? It isn't flattering to be compared to captive rodents competing over scraps, but human motives and actions have more in common with this famous waste of time than most of us would admit. You could call it "keeping up with the Joneses" instead. Or maybe you call it nothing, and prefer to not even think about what you do with money. Until the bill shows up and it's too late.

The reason the real rat race is so stupid is that the subjects end up wasting more of their energy than the reward was worth to begin with. The ordeal takes on a life of its own and becomes about the competition itself, and not any actual goal. Humans in the rat race work hard to earn their money, just because that's what they're supposed to do. Then they spend it frivolously ... sometimes even unconsciously. To escape, you need to treat your money deliberately, with your eyes open, and on your own terms.

But before you even get to that point, you need to shine a light on what you're doing now - to figure out definitively what you're bringing in and what you're spending. If you're just guessing and winging it, you'll never find an escape.

Earning Spending Checkup

Learn how your money is coming in and how it aligns with your spending (your "cashflow"), in a simple but powerful process. For convenience, link up and get transactions straight from your eligible bank and other accounts.

I wish I were in a place where I didn't have to even think about money.

Has this ever crossed your mind? It's something to shoot for. But the reality is that unless you're a trust fund baby (more power to you), this just isn't happening on its own. You have to put in the work and learn what you're doing before you can flip on the money autopilot. The good news is that it isn't that hard.

Managing your financial life is like riding a bike or driving a car. No one has the inborn ability ... but everyone can learn. And once you master it, it just becomes a part of who you are. You can do it without even thinking about it any more. It becomes automatic, allowing you to focus on minor course corrections and not "who am I and what am I doing".

Do you really want to be another 5 years down the road and still in the same place with your money? Everyone starts somewhere, and learning what you're doing now will put you on the right financial path and save you from countless mistakes in the future.

Learning Guides

Get powerful insight and knowledge about your money in straightforward, easy to use and digestable formats. No jargon, complexities, or academic concepts. Just real world learning that you can use today.

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Browse some of Cashbasic's simple but powerful money tools

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Personal Finance Snapshot

Learn where you stand with your money today (your "net worth"), in a few simple steps. For convenience, link up and get balances straight from your eligible bank and other accounts.

Spending Snapshot

Figure out where your money is going, quickly and systematically. Link up to your bank and other accounts to quickly pull in transactions, and get your first spending report in less than a minute.

Money Monitor

Keep a watchful eye on your accounts with automated monitoring, set custom alerts, and be vigilant with your money. Avoid painful overdraft fees and insufficient funds mishaps, and always know where you stand.


Money Persona Quiz

Complete an insightful series of questions that uncover your views on risk, time vs money, and other money bedrocks. Learn your 'money persona' and how to embrace it for your own decision-making.

Upgrade to Cashbasic Live  and get unlimited, anytime access, including the full lineup of all Tools, Guides, and upgrades for a very low, decreasing monthly rate.

Starting at $6/mo, and get the second month free.
With a free account, you pay as you go, ala carte for each Guide or Tool you want to use. If you have a Live account, everything is included for a single, low rate.
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Try the Money Persona Quiz - start for free

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Money Persona Quiz

Complete an insightful series of questions that uncover your views on risk, time vs money, and other money bedrocks. Learn your 'money persona' and how to embrace it for your own decision-making.

Do you ever spend money or make financial decisions that you later regret?

Understanding yourself, your motivations, and your approach to money can help you avoid those hidden traps and pitfalls. Figure out what's going on in your own head when you deal with money with the Money Persona Quiz.

What's your personality when it comes to money?

Are you risk averse? Do you value time over money? The answers to these questions can have a significant impact on your approach to money and goals.

Learn about yourself and get advice on how to best approach your money with the Money Persona Quiz.

Do your financial worries tangle your stomach in endless knots? Ready to break free of the relentless stress?

The antidote is taking action - build your own personal safety net with The Emergency Fund Blueprint. Here's your instant access, for free.

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  • Get rock-solid financial security and finally end thenail-biting money anxiety by building a bulletproof emergency fund, even if you have ZERO financial background, no money saved, and don't have a clue where to start.
  • When an emergency does strike - and it will - tackle it HEAD ON with your fund, instead of papering over it with more suffocating debt and wrestling with it for YEARS afterward.
  • Gain the confidence to squash your financial distress, and start making bold moves. Know you could land a better job, but terrified to quit your dead-end gig to make it happen? Your financial backstop is your life preserver, so you can FINALLY stop treading water and start swimming.
  • Your loved ones can be blindsided by financial hardship, too. Create a reliable shield against emergencies so those who depend on you stay safe and secure.


The Emergency Fund Blueprint includes everything you need to plan and complete your emergency fund. And it just works.
  • Strips out the complexity that always clouds financial topics, so you can breeze through the creation process without intimidation or confusion, even if you've got ZERO knowledge or experience with money concepts.
  • Follows 5 straightforward, specific steps, ordered for simplicity and explained in plain language. Precision-staged Action Points guide you through concrete progress on your fund, so you aren't just reading and studying with no real-world results to show for it.
  • Promotes creative saving ideas and explains the unique Step-up Method for maximizing your saving while minimizing the pain (page 16).
  • Gives real-world examples and concrete ideas that you can start on right away.
  • Reveals the truth on what matters when creating your emergency fund account itself, and what you can safely ignore. (HINT: finding information today isn't a problem - the world is DROWNING in information. Uncovering what matters and applying it are what gets results in the real world)

Yes I want to kick my money worries and get started on my emergency fund. Please send my free copy of the The Emergency Fund Blueprint to my email address below.

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