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Spending Snapshot

The Spending Snapshot is a quick and easy way to get a bird's-eye view of all of your spending. Simply connect the accounts you want to include (through our secure service) and get clear, usable results in less than a minute.

The Spending Snapshot (like everything on Cashbasic) can be used any and every time free-of-charge for Live Subscribers. For Free-level users, there's a small $2.00 fee per use.


Get anytime and unlimited access to Cashbasic, including Guides and tools, without individual fees or charges for a low monthly charge.

Also, Money Monitor, a dynamic tool for viewing and tracking your entire financial situation, is only available through Cashbasic Live.

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Get clarity on your spending in three easy steps


Step 1: Choose Your Interests (optional)

Pick your Interests from a list, or add them yourself. These will be hooked up to your spending expenses to uncover whether your spending is truly focused on things you like to buy or do. This step is completely optional, but highly recommended.

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Step 2: Connect your accounts

Use our integrated, secure service to gather transactions directly from your bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounts, with your regular online bank or account logins. The process is handled outside of Cashbasic, so username and password information is never received or saved by us.


Step 3: Refine your results

After Step 2, you'll already have your preliminary results. Step 3 is to refine and customize them. Use a simple dashboard to tweak expense categories or add custom tags (to combine expenses you want to examine as a group, like spending on a trip, for example). Add your own expenses, and more.

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