Are you rich? Good for you. But you can stop reading now. Cashbasic is designed to help working-class people.

Dividend yields.
Return on investment.
Imputed interest.
Retirement income planning.

Wait... what?
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Did your eyes glaze over reading that? Dividend? And retirement?  How about, let's just try to make it through this week.

What do any of those things have to do with your day-to-day money life? Honestly, nothing.
So why do you constantly see words like this when the topic of money comes up? It's like spreading out the engineering specs of your car on the kitchen table, when you just want to drive to the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk. It sounds smart, but it's not important or useful.

The answer is actually simple. Because that's where the money is. Finance's business model is most profitable when their customers have large sums of money not being used (which can then be managed). Ok... but what if you don't have idle money? Well, that's not their problem.

That's fine - we'll make it ours. We don't need them anyway.
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Financial services are set up to work for people who already have money, while their model excludes those who don't.

But Cashbasic was designed from the ground up for working class people like you - to make understanding and managing your finances...

simpler ( experience or knowledge required)
quicker (...get results you can use in minutes)
and easier (...ZERO math or complex calculations)

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What Cashbasic does

You don't need to have piles of money sitting around to work with Cashbasic. We will not manage it for you. But if you're looking for stability, financial confidence, and clarity around your money, and you have the drive to take the wheel, we offer unmatched ways to make it happen.

Here are just a few options to get you started.

Get absolute clarity on your money. Do you know where you're at today with your money? What kind of shape you're in financially? When you first start a workout plan, you typically log some baselines before doing anything else- your weight, BMI , and maybe a few critical tape measurements. If you skipped that, and weighed yourself again two weeks later, would that number mean anything without something to compare it do? It's the same concept with financial fitness. You can't know if you've improved if you don't know where you started. Learn more.

Put your spending on notice. Money can seem like it has a mind of its own, jarring your account around like turbulance and leaving you clueless about what happened by the end of the month. And praying that your next paycheck clears your account before rent is due. Deep down you know that all of it is driven by your decisions, but it's hard to know how much of your spending is necessary and how much is frivolous without breaking it down. Learn more.

Build and customize a support system for managing your money and accounts. Overdraft fees are a money-maker for banks, but a killer for working-class people just trying to get by. Getting tagged with a $35 or $40 charge for a $2 overdraft just piles insult on top of injury. When it's hard to find time to even think about money, keeping close tabs on accounts is a non-starter, so automating is critical. Learn more.

Sick and tired of constantly worrying about money, but clueless how to get the financial security to make it stop?

It won't happen on it's own. But the Financial Security Roadmap is your simple, step-by-step—and FREE—guide that gives that breakthrough and shows you exactly what you need to do (and how) to build security and comfort with your finances...

even if...ESPECIALLY have no real knowledge or experience in dealing with money.

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  • Step-by-step and easy to follow path, so you are clear on what to do (and when) to get that elusive financial security and finally find comfort with your money.
  • Puts you in the driver's seat with solid direction and specifics on the top 6 steps to financial security, so you can TAKE CONTROL instead of always feeling helpless and lost.
  • Simple, bite-size tips for each step of the process, so you have what you need (and no more) to start making progress RIGHT AWAY. Check out the creative and effective tips on paying down debt on page 3.
  • Save HOURS of your precious time by having exactly what you need at your fingertips. And get spared from the pointless details ... so you can get down to business (instead of plodding through endless internet search rabbit holes trying to figure out what to do next).
  • A breeze to follow for financial beginners - no annoying jargon or pie-in-the-sky concepts that don't mean anything to working-class people. So you can cruise through in less than 10 minutes, and emerge with a fresh outlook and plan.
  • As a bonus, get the Top 5 tools to jumpstart your journey towards security, take control, and put your finances on cruise control (spoiler: insurance isn't #1).

Yes! I want to kick my money worries and find the path to financial security. Please send my free copy of the Financial Security Roadmap to my email address below.

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