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Solvers are straightforward personal finance calculators and saving tools that get you answers quickly and painlessly. Get insight into your problem, visualize answers, and if you'd like, get your full results sent to you by email.

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Mortgage Payment Calculator

Enter your total mortgage amount, interest rate, and loan term (i.e. 15 years, 30 years), and get your expected payment amount.


Pay Raise Calculator

Enter your current hourly wage or annual salary and your raise percentage, and get your new pay.


Pay Converter

Enter your hourly wage or annual salary, and quickly convert it to the other.


Emergency Fund Calculator

Enter your monthly expenses and desired cushion, and determine how much you need in your emergency fund.


Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Enter your credit card balance, interest rate, and monthly payment, and learn how long it will take to pay it off.


Lifetime Earnings Calculator

Enter how much you make today, and learn how much you'll earn over your lifetime at that rate.


50/30/20 Budget Calculator

Enter your take-home income, and learn how you should divide your spending if you use the 50/30/20 budget style.


Time Value Calculator

Enter your money today and get its value in the future, or enter your future money and get its value today.

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